In photorespiration , release of CO2 occurs in


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important respiration occurs in which mitochondria is known for what is that photo respiration photo respiration aspirations and photo Pareshan respiratory specialist Queen photo Restoration known as
photosynthesis process known carbon cycle it is known as the carbon cycle carbon will come in a rotating and it will move Calvin cycle or carbon cycle in the cal insight that is the carbon fixation happened due to what is happening
C3 plants plant have their efficiency it happened because this plant the carbon dioxide concentration about 50 PPM in the present on the time period that is the rubisco enzyme important in Porto respiration process lo
photorespiration no ATP rog the restorations that it and the glucose drink form in photorespiration no at only carbon dioxide release photo respiration is it important that the Oxygen and Carbon dioxide
started in chloroplast it is initiated from the generalized photo in that is initiated in plus per told that it occurs in the parrots in the second part 242 respiration
chloro + it is initiated mitochondria thank you

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Photorespiration occurs in


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Photorespiration occurs in


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