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In photorespiration, glycine p...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: In photorespiration, glycine passes from (a) Chloroplast to peroxisome (b) Chloroplast to mitochondrion (c) Peroxisome to mitochondrion (d) Mitochondrion to peroxisome

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Text Solution

Chloroplast to peroxisomeChloroplast to mitochondrionPeroxisome to mitochondrionMitochondrion to peroxisome.

Answer : C

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Chapter NamePhotosynthesis
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello student selected the question in photorespiration glycine passes from their thing in photorespiration glass in passes from which organelle to which organ of the process of respiration it basically a type of waste for process ok the type of waste for process and this wasteful process is also known as the C2 cycle this process basically involved three different organisms the name the first organelle is chloroplast the second organelle is known as the power of the mitochondria three major organs involved ok happens that the initial acceptor beaches are you baby is known as a regular basis for Speed ok carbon compound which accept carbon dioxide but when the atmosphere the concentration of oxygen increases by the concentration of carbon

degrees then I am known as rubisco which accept carbon dioxide which basically help in oxygen fixation then ok process option fixation when there is hope concentration of happened that are you BP combines with oxygen in the presence of enzyme rubisco and contribution phosphoglycolate 3333 height ok today's known as three fosco glyceraldehyde is a compound which is formed by the fixation of auction along with that phosphoglycolate is found a compound which is being formed and this has to be recovered in order to produce 3pg again converted into in the chloroplast is transferred to the part of this is converted into glycine transferred to mitochondria as you can see what the glycine transfer to the entrance of basic occurs on the

what is your convert into Siri then convert into 20 and enforcement is Rs 28348 glycine are basically initially it was produced in the corner of the room ok and later on it is been transferred to the mitochondria so that it can be converted into Siri the transfer process of Mitochondria is correct or incorrect

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