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Class 12






Principle Of Inheritance And Variations


In order to obtain the F_(1)-g...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: In order to obtain the F_(1)-generation Mendel pollinated a pure-breeding tall plant with a pure-breeding dwarf plant. But for getting the F_(2)-generatin, he simply self-pollinated the tall F_(1) plants. Why?

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Text Solution

Solution : Characters segregate during gamete formation. Pure-breeding parents guve ruse to `F_(1)` with hetoeozyous conditions. Only self-pollination of heterzygotes can result in all possible recombination of characters in progeny as mating is random.

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Chapter NamePrinciple Of Inheritance And Variations
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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equation is in order to obtain the F1 generation mental pollinated of your breathing tall plant with your breathing dock plant but forgetting the F2 generation calling tall plant in plants by so here are the question is asking about the mendel's monohybrid cross which is like this if we do the translate this is what happens if F2 generation they both combine this aggregate and then the combined with each other and this is the F1 generation to generation what mental does is specifically that self pollinated bar F1 generation to the cross is having this different combination the cross is

having this different combination and that's how we get the ratio we get the mental ratio of phenotypic genotypic and phenotypic ratio 3 ratio and genotypic ratio is 1 ratio 2 ratio 1 why the pressure was like that because here the dominant ones are these because the torque characteristics in India and the respective one is only this and that is why we have to call and dominant phenotypic ratio this is our business and we have three different set of genes that genotypic ratio is genotypic ratio is 1 is to 3 is to 2 is to 1 and 1 by metal self pollinated now F1 generation the answer is very simple so here he is taking the he's already

taking homozygous parents he is having the cross between homozygous paint like it take this plant and crossed with this or this so there will be the same characters like if we do the cross we have this plant and this and that we have this and this is what we get is that there will be only to represent in the parents have to the project will have the same characters then we will get the differently should we will prove that how these different types of plants so that is why Mendel is doing the self pollination between the one generation so that he can get the different progeny thank you

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