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Question : In Opunita, spines are modification of

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: In Opunita, spines are modification of

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Text Solution

Epidermal hairStemFlowersLeaves of axillary bud.

Answer :


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hello everyone here we are having a question that says in a function is find our modification of having four option option one sees epidermal here often to save stem option 30 flower and the last one sees leaves of Art Gallery per so you have to understand about open talking about opuntia your opuntia is a 0.05 plant means it will be found in the vegetation where is capacity of water or Limited water is available if we talk about the modification parts store in the axillary but are modified into sharp and pointed structures which are known as is fine now if you talk about the function of spine so the main function

use of protection so they protect the plant against grazing animals talk about the photosynthesis because your opuntia is a plan and if you need to perform photosynthesis in order to survive sunao photosynthesis is done by a leaf like system having ice cream which is least like and that is the one which performs the photosynthesis to know if you go back to the option we are having a correct option that sees in opposition to find our modification of leaves of axillary bud remaining are wrong option because we does not understood that these points are modification of axillary but that is how epidermal hear them and flower and not getting modified to get

Vidyut yaden pauses question hope you have understood it well thank you so much

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QuestionIn Opunita, spines are modification of
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