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Class 12






Test 5


In majority of algae...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: In majority of algae

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Text Solution

Carrier of male gametes is pollen tubeZygote undergoes equational divisions in embryogenyInternal fertilisation is observedSyngamy occurs in external medium

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Question Details till 04/07/2022

Chapter NameTest 5
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
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In Video - English
In Text - English
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Question Video Duration2m12s


hello students in this question we have been given four statements regarding algae and we need to see which of these are right and wrong with regards to the majority of algae let's start the first statement is carrier of male gametes in Pollen tube would be wrong in case of algae because Pollen tube it is seen in case of plants that it is not seen in case of algae so this would be a wrong statement for interest with respect to algae second one is zygote undergoes equational division in embryogeny this would again be wrong because these I got which is formed in case of algae it undergoes The zygote is deployed in nature right and it undergoes mein to form the haploid 4 because the life cycle of algae is haplontic life cycle light show it

undergo meiosis to form the haploid PO so equational division means it is undergoing mitosis mitosis is equational division in which the number of chromosomes remains same same but is zygote in undergoes a process which is a reductional division so this statement would be wrong third one is internal fertilization is observed this is again wrong because in most of the algae the fertilization of syngamy is external that is it occur outside the body of the organism and most common medium is the water for this external fertilization internal fertilization is not observed in Algae and the last statement is syngamy occurs in external external medium this is right as we discussed here that Singham it occurs in external

show the last statement is true would be the only one statement which is true which is option d this will be our answer for the question

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