In Lathyrus aphaca (wild pea) all the leaflets are modified in the tendrils.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

The correct Answer is TRUE


Step by step video & text solution for In Lathyrus aphaca (wild pea) all the leaflets are modified in the tendrils. by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 11 exams.


hello the question statement is in a part that is the wild PC all leaflet are modified into 10 to the statement over here is a true statement absolutely correct correct statement know how come the first we should know what are these candles candles are basically the thread light sensitive structures that is this thread like sensitive captures coil around which can oil around a support to help the plant in climbing the plant in
climb the standards can get modified by any part of the or maybe this time part of the plant or maybe the leaf path or maybe the entire maybe the net only not the entire can be the modification of various part maybe maybe maybe maybe Delhi now in case of leaf tendril when we look at the modifications in leaf modification in leave under modification in lyf lyf can modify in NIFT entrance also now in leaf tendrils of a further we have a bifurcations that these leaf tendrils could develop from the only part that we have whole leaf tendrils or maybe the leaflet path not the entire live butter leaflet online
leaflet also further on the basis of other part of leaf like Vihar the patio nadandal podium for only the petiole will convert into tender then a further the luckiest pendle pendle Jara videos modification of the whole leaf tendril in this we can see that in the case in wild wild that's called lathyrus aphaca aur wild P the whole leaf is modified into that the whole leaf is modified into and now we know the normal
basically the general will help in climbing get converted into 10 and that will be helping in climbing the major function of leaves to perform photosynthesis and in this case will leave the getting converted into tendril then what is the stipules will get modified the stipules they become they become CS means in leaf life was to perform flash to perform photo think that the function of photosynthesis is taken over by the stipules because we were there the leaf their converting into tender the case with all the while on the contrary we have leaflet and is also where in air in case of
in this case that you are per leaflet of the compound leaf of the pinnately compound or the compound leaf will get converted into the tender will get converted into tender in normal and that is the case with D the sweet pea that it will be pisum sativum the sweet sweet that I am that is the case particular tendril can be found in case of insectivorous 35 35
Rakesh Chandru is the common in lentils so over here to the point Asif that is correct in case of wild P that is a terrific are the whole leaf tendrils the only will get modified into said that in this case the statement is correct I hope this answer the question thank you

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