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In glycolysis, enzyme enolase produces


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The correct Answer is B


hello students have a look at the question question is in glycolysis and introducing options are PG that is possible Acetic Acid that is phosphoenolpyruvate pgl that is phosphoglyceraldehyde and last 15 let's find out the correct answer so first of all we will see what is glycolysis what steps are involved and accordingly we will give your answer life policy is the first step in the respiration and it is both common aerobic as well as an aerobic respiration aerobic and anaerobic respiration respiration glycolysis involves
total Z10 reaction 10 reactions are in out of which 5 are proprietary known as the 13 to face is known as the preparatory phase and other is known as a paper 3 phase and the payoff is there are two phases in school glycolysis process is divided and these two faces in the reactions 5.5 reactions are doing now if they are talking about the enzyme present in the IT catalyzed reaction
this is a ninth in true false 42 phosphoglycerate converted into the phosphor in normal pyruvate for sports in pyruvate and in this is the dehydration step in this step water molecule is also released the water molecules are also released and this reaction is catalyzed by the enzyme and questioning in glycolysis and produces PG this is not the
this is also known as a fast-food phosphoglyceric acid the correct option we can see here we can see that the correct option phosphoenolpyruvate that is this is wrong that is for score in this is Terminus tgl that is known as the phosphoglyceraldehyde this is known as the first glyceraldehyde this is also not a part of the this reaction which is catalysed by the anal anal is so this is also in correct and pyruvate is also in correct Kuchh pyruvate Is The Last product of the glycolysis that is in the 10th reaction from phosphoenolpyruvate to pyruvate is cancer that our final answer is option B
aur which capitalisation of the enzyme endless understand


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