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Class 11






Cell - The Unit Of Life


In eukaryotic cells, the given...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: In eukaryotic cells, the given figure is synthesised in <img src="" width="80%">

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nucleoulscytoplasmmitochondriaGolgi complex.

Answer : A
Solution : Nucleolus is a dense, rounded, dark-staining, granular structure without a limiting membrane. It consists largely of RNAS and proteins. Nucleolus synthesises and stores RNA. It also receives ribosomal proteins from the cytoplasm for storage. It form ribosomal subunits by wrapping the RNAs with ribosomal proteins. The ribosomal subunits later leave the nucleus through the nuclear pores.

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Chapter NameCell - The Unit Of Life
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create Excel the given figure is synthesized in this is the figure and we have to tell where does the synthesis of this orderly takes place in the figure there are representing the and Smallest unit of a ordinary and which leads to the formation of a complete cell organelle is of these are the subunits of ribosomes picture it depicts the formation of ribosomes and Eukaryotic ribosomes the largest subunit is of 60 is in the smaller subunit is of 40 years these ribosomes are of 80s sticks for the synthesis of these is it takes place inside in the nucleus of the self it takes place in the nucleus of the sense if you talk about nucleolus nuclear thus it is a cell organelle that is present inside the nucleus it is present inside the nucleus of these are dark stain

is the dark skinned dance and rounded cell wall is present inside the nucleus so they do not have any membranes udisa without any membrane sunao the talk about the composition of this nucleus it consists of RNA and protein so nucleus it consists of RNA and proteins with the help of which it synthesizers and stores are as well as bright as it synthesizers and ribosomes how do they form ribosomes in the formation of ribosomes what do these cell organelle is 2 is this nucleolus their forms Raipur Normal Form type ozomen subunits by wrapping the rns that is ribosomal RNA as with the protein by wrapping of RNA genes with protein by wrapping rns

Delhi to the formation of ribosomal subunits and put the more describe subunits this leaves the nuclear nuclear Alice and enters the cell cytoplasm Saudi enters the cytoplasm of the cells through the nuclear pores present on the membrane of nucleosome through the nuclear force this was about the synthesis of ribosomes inside the nucleus which is by the help of wrapping of ribosomal RNA is along with proteins inside inside the nucleus come to the option of is option first is nucleus which is the correct option that the synthesis of ribosomes it takes place inside the nucleus as a side to class it is an incorrect option third is mitochondria in correct option then is Golgi Complex which is also an incorrect option select option is the correct option is nucleolus

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