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Class 11






Anatomy Of Flowering Plants


In endarch condition of xylem,...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: In endarch condition of xylem, protoxylem lies ______of metaxylem.


Text Solution

on inner sideon outer sideboth on inner and outer sidein center

Answer : A


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Chapter NameAnatomy Of Flowering Plants
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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the question is in the question is in good condition of protons Island lies dash of the metal fury last but the and conditions so and our condition is basically the condition where the development of the rotor xylem takes place from development of Protozoa Salem it takes place from the in procambium said it takes place from the innermost procambium cells Pro compare yourself that are just adjacent to the fit so these cells are just adjacent to so this is a and R condition so here are the development is from inverter to out WhatsApp Cecil grows from in word towards the outward software development is from Innova to how to words

and thus it is the initially formed and thus formed is the initially formed xylem that is physically develops before the plant organs is developed for the plant organs are completely so it develops before that the before plant organs are completely Drone super the more after the formation of this protons island in the metal albums forms after this the matter xylem formation takes place after this the matter xylem is that is it forms a letter to the rotor xylem under this condition the protons and that is under this condition the proton xylem it remains is initially formed proteins and it remains at the centre and it is 10 surrounded by the metal xylem at the end of the outer side is the metal xylem

that is basically formed at the end of the organs at the end of the organ is formed in the centre is formed in the centre Sudarshan if we come to the options that the location of Protozoa and I'm so professor Allah metalized dash of the matter is energy produced and it lies in the centre of the metal price in the centre of the mat Asylum so are correct option is this that is it lies in the centre services are correct option


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