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Class 12






Anatomy Of Plant Parts


in dicot stem, xylem is ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: in dicot stem, xylem is

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polyarch monoarchendarchexarch

Answer : c

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Chapter NameAnatomy Of Plant Parts
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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Hindi question the question asked that in Dicot stem xylem is here for options are given first is a poly Arc S is the mono or third is the and dark and the force is the exam the question explicitly talk about the Dicot stem the xylem is first to understand the function of the what is because I will the basic and first understand the basic function of xylem Pata associated with the xylem is that first they have to store the nutrient store you are we can see that a with storage to play the role of the standing this nutrient to the particular place and as well as a water as well as the water so the particular xylem is associated with the two function first the store and transport the nutrients and second that store and transport the water ok aap is that the in the case of the form in the case of the Dicot stem

what is that what actually happens is that the total xylem the proto xylem understand the function of xylem the proton xylem is usually present to what the centre centre and in the case of the matter xylem that is present to what the very very so we can write here that the metal xylem is present towards the Periphery ok now that you should always keep in mind that in the case of the and dark we have to understand that if the proposal on that particular present at the centre and the metal is present in the Periphery this kind of arrangement is found in both in the morning monocot and dicot dicot and monocot both so please don't confuse it is a kind of

Charity in both so if you look at our option our first option is a pole and polar vortex elysee poly art that it is a when the Steel is found When only the Steel is found it is a poly again this is not an answer and it is usually found in the monocot as it is usually found the modified so that it is not a word answer ok no the second option data given here is a mono mo mono what actually happens is that that only one xylem is present so that it is not an answer and also it is a case of the monocot S is a and are you have to understand that our right answer and The Fourth is the exact exam again it is not our answer because it is the characteristic which are associated with the root and we understand the and are not exact and the which is the condition of the right answer is option number C thank you

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