In cymose inflorescence


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latest talk about the question here in cymose inflorescence so what is the cymose in four sons basically that is discussed here suppose this is the mean access this is the main axis of the plant and on this access this access will terminate the length of the success will terminate in beer flower hair or it terminated will terminate to form a flower so if we talk about a cymose inflorescence fluorescence what happened basically the main access that will terminate terminate to former flower write it will form a flower here to where we can say and this statement is correct as the main access terminate in a flower show
this statement is the correct statement that is see the one more thing that is true about the cymose inflorescence that is the flowers that are another main flower arrangement is basically the order right so hair treatment that is flower are born in middle order is the correct statement about cymose inflorescence and the main excess of indefinite group this statement is incorrect as the growth of main axis is very right it is not indefinite is very finite Sohail this second option is incorrect so here are 4th option is the correct option as statement both a and c
Sohail put option is a correct and I hope it is clear to you thank you

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