In Citrus, Duranta and Bougainvillea, the thorns are the modified


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Step by step video solution for In Citrus, Duranta and Bougainvillea, the thorns are the modified by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 11 exams.


hello questions statement in sitra Duranta and bougainvillea Thorns are the modified and options are first auxillary second third rules and put a title are bad aur Epic win but first we should know that they are talking about the thorn in this there are the heart pointed out that we can see on some plants is hard and these accounts they are basically the modification of different for some time but then all the function of the
Mr was the organ that check transpiration is the rate of transpiration now we know what is transpiration it is the loss of excess water by the stomata in leaves are not that leaves the interactive to find on on Earth on the there so that means the rate of transpiration we provide protection protection from graces the plant and grazing animals Mujhe protections on the speed of the case of the truck
bougainvillea up the modification of auxiliary bird directly over consider the modifications of stem and leaves root apical bud is not correct what is what is axillary bud we should know this also but basically is the latter but the latter Albert Nitin embryonic stood that is the embryonic organ or the embryo shoot message located in the style of the axle of a leaf and each part is but has the potential to form
Deccan form should be the vegetative and reproductive shoot like flower and all it now and then even the structure know if you look at the Rough diagram over here if you try to locate the exact position of this branch of growing over here this portion over here is the extension of leave for them and then if any but arises in which portion of this is actually going to be part which we know is modification of the what is the qualification translate sister what is the which position is done in case of
The Terminal b h a modification is that to get modified in the forms and the role being that help in setting the help for providing protection from the great question and answer the question thank you

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