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In chlorophyceae , the mode of...

In chlorophyceae , the mode of sexual reproduction is

Video Solution: In chlorophyceae , the mode of sexual reproduction is

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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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IsogamyAnisogamyOogamyAll of these

Answer : D


Step by step video solution for In chlorophyceae , the mode of sexual reproduction is by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 12 exams.

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QuestionIn chlorophyceae , the mode of sexual reproduction is
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fashion hairstyle future of Ice Age the mode of sexual reproduction is isogamy anisogamy exam me or all of the effect of chlorophyceae here it is known as the presence of the chlorophyll in a satisfied it is known as the chlorophyll A and B of what is planned for the year then it is unicellular means that it has the presence of only one cell in its 40 cure it can be of the colonial from your side they can form the colonies or the body can be film filamentous live position they are usually bra screen as the result of the dominant pigments present in them and they have the two different kind of chlorophyll a and b is present here and this pigments they are localised in the chloroplast which is the organelle is storing for the growth of

the Year now in case of the chlorophytum hear the sexual reproduction occurs by all three methods isogamy anisogamy and the all of these if we talk about se Aisa damages to here we see that the gametes they are of the similar sites there are of the same size and the same shape year signature not classified as she made of the male gamete and isogamy means the fusion between the gametes occurred which are quite different India we consider the similar in their shape and size shape and white in the morphology also and you can we cure it is the mode of a sexual reproduction in which we see that the female gamete the fusion between the larger kimat which is the female gamete happens and then the male gamete it is smaller give me the fusion between the last female gamete and the smaller ke meet or the

we can call it after sperm here it is known as you can be so all of the situation