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In Callistemon, the infloresce...

Question : In Callistemon, the inflorescence is

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: In Callistemon, the inflorescence is

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terminal intercalaryaxillarybasal


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the question is in 40 the moon the inflorescence is an options at terminal intercalary gallery aur besan started getting all the information you need to send flowers of callistemon prominent on the lower surface of Paracetamol and inflorescence fluorescence in this case is arranged and terminal and also clustered flowers at present and there are basically small petals and deciduous site and despite consists mostly of masses of bright red payment

Pike masters of bright red Taylor and this type of mass of bright rate payment resembles the bottle brush this important trash talking about the fruit that are present in callister Munh the fruit is a small boutique at the root is small wood D capsules how we have the final answer as in 40 the moment the inflorescence is terminal

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QuestionIn Callistemon, the inflorescence is
Chapter NameInfiorescence
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