Question : In amphibians the heart is

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Two chambered and venous two chambered and arterialthree chamberedincompletely four chambered.

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hello students the question here is that in amphibians the heart is first thing is it says there are two chambered in Vedas two chambered and arterial three chambered in completely four chambered while we see that in case of fishes the heart is two chambered in case of amphibians the heart is three chambered in case of reptiles the heart is in completely four chambered Oregon see again 3 chamber except for the four chambered heart only in case of crocodiles while the fourth option the birds have got of four chambered heart along with mammals which also have four chambered heart so here not picture is quite clear that influence the heart is three chambered so about his Chambers if we see that there will be

to Oracle one on the right side one on the left side Where are there will be 1 ventricle along with the Oracle and the ventricles there are additional Chambers which are called as the Sinus venosus sinus venosus and the truncus arteriosus seditious truncus arteriosus Sudheer are the two additional Chambers while we see the heart of the amphibian just like the human heart is myogenic in action that means the origin of the impulse is from the muscles of the heart itself originate from muscles of the heart so the impulse will originate from the muscles of the heart in this case the right

option for this question becomes option of three that it is a three chambered heart this is all about this query thank you

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QuestionIn amphibians the heart is
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