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Updated On: 17-04-2022

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oxygen is the electron acceptortriose phosphate is the electron donor while acetaldehyde is the electron acceptortriose phosphate is the electron donor while pyruvic acid is the electron acceptorthere is no electron donor

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In alcoholic fermentation <br> (a) NADH (formed during conversion of triose-3 phosphate to 3 phosphoglycerate ) is oxidised to `NAD^(+)` <br> (b) electrons are accepted by acetaldehyde formed by decarboxylation of pyruvate.


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hello students in this question we need to find out that in the alcoholic fermentation which of the following options is correct for this type of fermentation so when you talk about alcoholic fermentation let's discuss about the ethyl alcohol fermentation and many Tok hot fermentation it means it is taking place without the help of oxygen that it isn't an ore of across this is anaerobic process certainly it has to undergo glycolysis jugul good undergoes the first step which is common to both aerobic and anaerobic pathway that is a lie colleges and then converts it into two molecules of 581358 if there is no oxygen that means the fate of the pirate will depend on whether the oxygen is available or not if there is no oxygen it is going to enter into this step which is called as fermentation unjust fermentation that is the alcoholic fermentation

takes place in case of East example of which is man another example is rhizopus that means it takes place in the fungi and bacteria is Canvas by both theoretically and anaerobic Lisa and Awake respiration occurs in sugar solution if the fungus is not in contact with the atmosphere that means there is lack of oxygen or no oxygen in this case so here we see in the presence of pyruvate decarboxylase enzyme and TPP the pyruvate which is formed with which is formed as a result of the end product of glycolysis along with TPP that is time in pyrophosphate and with the magnesium ions and the enzyme here is pyruvate decarboxylase the disparity carboxylase me now can get converted into acetaldehyde the release of carbon dioxide

in this process and this acetaldehyde along with utilisation of 1 n a d h molecule enter into this and the enzyme which is here is the alcohol dehydrogenase enzyme which will now get converted into ethyl alcohol and any declare this is how the process takes place through the trials for sweet which we are talking about here is a pyruvate to pyrite is a tyre price for Speed and destroyers phosphate is the electron donor acetaldehyde is the electron acceptor because it's still the height is reduced to say this is a reduction step acetaldehyde will be reduced to the ethyl alcohol or ethanol alcohol dehydrogenase 9 hydrogen is obtained from any DH produced during the oxidation of glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate 213

diphosphoglycerate the height in the glycolysis so that the option of the two-year becomes the right option for this question so this is all about this query and the other options we can see that oxygen is electron acceptor since it isn't a process is already explain this option stands around here here it is written fires caused it is electron donor while pavak acid is the electron acceptor this is also the wrong option it has to start with the pyruvic acid the pyruvic acid is the raw material for this there is no electron donor this is also wrong because these redox reactions with the oxidation and reduction is taking place electron donor must be present so we have here or option number 2 is a right option for this question this is all about this query thank you

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