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In a DNA molecule adenine of one strand base pair with ………. on the other strand


Text Solution

Both (1) & (3)
The correct Answer is B


everyone that understand about this question and other question face that in a DNA molecule at any of one is 10 ways to wear with dash and that means we have to find the ad is paired with which type of nitrogenous bases talk about the DNA of eno that DNA is a genetic material OK it is a genetic material and able to carry the genetic information from one generation to the another generation ok this is the main purpose of DNA and it is a genetic material and DNA strand of ribose nucleic acid
DNA we know that is always present in the double helix structure or double stranded structure so here is the two strands are twisted together and form the structure like this ok this is the five prime to be free and again another is the opposite represent the three Prime to the five Prime ok these two strands are attached with the help of nitrogenous bases here is the nitrogenous bases are present which are attached with the hydrogen bomb these are the nitrogenous bases these are nitrogenous bases is the bases are present at any
army and cytosine is paired with any one is paired with cytosis that mean is paired with tiny with double bond of hydrogen and is attached with the sight of him with triple bond of the hydrogen in the question in the portion the question is asked about the ordinate is paired with which in the other on the other stand to hear is in this place or in this fill in the blanks here is the appropriate word Yeh tiny aadami expiry time in the DNA in case of energy thymine is replaced with urine but in case of DNA the ordinary bus fare
answer will be option be that is time ok so this is the correct answer here thank you


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