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Class 11






Seed Dormancy


If the seed germinates within ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: If the seed germinates within a fruit, what is it called?

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Solution : Viviparity


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Chapter NameSeed Dormancy
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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students question is if the seed germinate within a fruit then what it is called If seed germinate within fruit then this condition is known as we pad this condition what is it is known as it is known as we Perry and where does it seem this condition is seen in the Maasai Habitat is seen in Maruti Habitat in Masi Habitat what do you mean by this Masi Habitat in Masi Habitat we have high salt concentration we have I salt concentration of salt concentration and the low oxygen concentration or you can say deficiency of oxygen is there in this Mashi Habitat deficiency of Oxygen and where you will find these type of condition will find this condition in the mangrove forest in mangrove forest there is a high quality concentration and the definition

is there so this is this a seed starts to germinate inside the food in the fruit seed start germination seed germination start due to seed germination the weight of the fruit increases and they just fall into 20 KB at its seed has started germination then there is no problems in this field will able to grow very well if it's just the starting of germination depth required proper consent is environment that is it is not require High School tekan read concentration and it requires some type of suitable temperature you can say Hindi proper oxygen content so Seedling Hole Hole into

the German and group is the term that is the V Perry which is given to the condition when it starts to germinate within a fruit and they are seen example of this type condition is seen in the mangrove plants mangrove forest in the mangrove forest plants example is the rise up and send


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