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Class 12






Biotechnology-principles And Processes


If gene of interest was insert...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: If gene of interest was inserted at Sal I site in Pbr322 THE RESULTING PLASMID WILL CONFER RESISTANCE TO

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Ampicillin TetracyclineKanamylinBoth (1) & (2)

Answer : A

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Chapter NameBiotechnology-principles And Processes
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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February 5 years question is gene of interest was inserted at least one site in PVR c22 the resulting plasmid will confer resistance to the pbr322 plasmid of the E coli bacteria let's see what type of the genes are present in pbr322 plasmid so this is how it looks how it looks and over here it has featured for that that is the hot this I'd also it has PCL a1b ok now over your this is one side over here this is the second side and the second side is for the team that is Bam H1 and H2 then it is also site for the Sal 1 Sal ok

now over here it is our PG which has the PV you and your origin of replication Jine deti I then we have this side then we have the side p s c first and then PV you over this it is Resistance for the ampicillin resistance of the ampicillin and this site it is present in Pauri tetracycline antibiotics in this area the recycling resistance that is the Purple area and this purple area has been for the Bam H1 as well as this one and it is resistant to antibiotics that a cyclic the opposite side over here this site that is having the genes for the pvu1 and PSC one it has been for the

this plasmid ok that is having that is present in the E coli bacteria that E coli bacteria will be resistance to the two antibiotic resistant address as it happened I introduce a foreign DNA bases of foreign DNA and this foreign DNA has been introduced into the into the site itself on the present after the insertion of this foreign DNA this is a foreign DNA after the insertion terrible bhi International inactivation there will be insertional inactivation in activation of K Jin ok second thing this tetracycline resistance which was present because of the Bam H1 and K since one of them enzyme that is this one it has become inactive

class 10 Dam H1 alright this Bam H1 has also been in activated to what will happen now this bacteria will lose the resistance for the other result test will become become sensitive sensitive to the tractor cycling antibiotic side is been preserved there is no there is no attachment of the foreign DNA on this site and hence it will remain resistance to antibiotics correct option over here will be it will be it will lose of confer resistance to the it will confirm the resistance to the and pestle ok the ampicillin resistance Training it will become sensitive for the tetracycline antibiotics

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