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Class 12






Human Reproduction


Identify the parts labelled as...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Identify the parts labelled as A, B, C, D and E in the given diagram of a human sperm and select the correct option. <img src="" width="80%">

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Text Solution

A-Nucleus, B-Tail, C-Mitochondria, <br> D-Acrosome, E-CentrioleA-Acrosome, B-Nucleus, <br> C-Centriole, D-Mitochondria, <br> E-Plasma membraneA-Nucleus, B-Mitochondria, <br> C-Plasma membrane, <br> D-Centriole, E-NeckA-Acrosome, B-Centriole, <br> C-Mitochondria, B-Centriole, <br> C-Mitochondria, D-Plasma membrane, E-Tail

Answer : B
Solution : N//A

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Chapter NameHuman Reproduction
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special event driven diagram of a human sperm ABCD and the male gamete call Sanu we can only divide it into three parts anterior most part in the middle is known as the middlefield finally the posterior for which is quite a long awaited but it is not given properly in this image is the tale of the one-year tail is not given to identify the labelling regarding the head and the middle labelled part in the head of the sperm and this is

a body known as the equation which refined is filled with hydrolytic enzymes English college going to reach the over it is these hydrolytic enzymes inside the equation which will help the sperm to penetrate the which was around the Obama during fertilization The enzymes in equation helps form to penetrate the zona pellucida layer and the plasma membrane of the open so this is the acrosome then be aware that the label is a structure in the head of the sperm so we're going to consider this A nucleus is going to Fuse the nucleus of the oven produces I got during fertilization after this again at the labels in the head part of the sperm this might

be the central then the deep together we have not in the head but in the middle piece of the sperm so we're going to say that the day labelling represents the large number of Mitochondria was going to find in the middle page which provide energy to the sperm so that it can show vigorous motility cancer that leads to the female reproductive tract to reach the ovum for fertilization so diye the mitochondria and finally Eid labelled most anteriorly a membrane is going to be the plasma membrane of the cell membrane of the sperm to the correct answer from the given options will be option be different structures on the head animal face of a human sperm and label correctly

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