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Class 12






Animal Types


Identify the part 'X' in the f...

Identify the part 'X' in the figure of digestive system of Earthworm <br> <img src="" width="80%">

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Identify the part 'X' in the figure of digestive system of Earthworm <img src="" width="80%">


Text Solution

Intestinal caecae Typhlosole Gizzard Pharynx

Answer : C


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Identify the part 'X' in the figure of digestive system of Earthworm <br> <img src="" width="80%">
Chapter NameAnimal Types
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hello student question question is identify the part at in the figure of digestive system of earthworm it is the part egg and we are having the option that is international sea Karta fellow soul Kaise trying to if you see the path at this is a digestive system of earthworm their body is divided into the various segments it is a schematic body in earthworm if you see the path at as they have labelled this part at it is a gizzard this is a result of the digestive system of the earthworm is a function of the lizard Wizard it is a one of the important organ involved in the digestion it help in crushing and turning off the food material mainly the heart particles crushing of churning of the food particles Mili Hai

particles stone pebbles all these Harsh hard food particles that crushing occur in the part of the give it is a geyser options one by one first one is the International seeker if you see the intestinal speaker in the labour interest in the diagram this is the intestinal League seeker that is called as a international Sikha here digestion takes place where the different uses enzymes are being situated which helps in the digestion here we can do it becomes a correct option next we are having the fellow soul so this is a structure here we can see that this structure that is that I falo sole sole is the structure and other structure which is present in the intestine and which is the internal fold large internal port which help in the efficient absorption of the foot disease that I fell

soul this is Internet deserve this is correct and write it as a gizzard which helping crossing of the heart food particles name the stone and fibres and spelling spelling this is also in correct parent is lie here we can write the pairing pairing is also helps in the digestion its 33 Angel glands secrete mucus which help in digestion to starting from the mouth it and return to the fairing to this is the somewhere structure this is called as the fairing so we can say that are correct option is option


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