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Class 12






Sexual Reproduction In Flowering Plants


Identify the given figure with...

Identify the given figure with correct labelling : <br> <img src="" width="80%">

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Identify the given figure with correct labelling : <img src="" width="80%">


Text Solution

True fruit of mango, A-MesocarpTrue fruit of apple, B - SeedFalse fruit of strawberry, C - EpicarpFalse fruit of apple, B - Seed

Answer : 4


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Identify the given figure with correct labelling : <br> <img src="" width="80%">
Chapter NameSexual Reproduction In Flowering Plants
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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a very warm hello to wall Sohar West Indies as identified the given figure with correct labelling so we have to identify this particular given figure and find the correct answer out of these four given options so option A is false fruit of mango where the Rebel part represents the Mizo ka aur option be that is true of Apple share the billable pashi presidency feed or efficiency for fruit of strawberry where the syllable part is describing the Africa aur option tea for Apple there the billable part is describing aur labelling the right so in order to understand the correct answer of this question we first need to know the different types of fruits that are seen right there are basically two types of fruits one is the true fruit

I am the other is the opposite of through which is called so Falls roots so now let us talk about the difference between these two fruits ride as the name suggests true fruit are Holi I am so lonely developed or formed by the ripened ovary right and then the ripened ovary there are fertilizers for ovulation right so true fruits are only formed by the ovary that to a fertilized ovary and in contrast with true or false growth are formed by parts other than the ovary other floral parts right an what can be read other floral parts

SBI Dardi thalamus or the variance or at certain times the stock or the right to true future formed with the help of ripened ovary right and false fruit are formed with parts other than the ovary that is with other floral parts like the thalamus Perry and copper dices one more difference that we have to list out here is that true fruits are formed through the process of fertilization false fruits do not see this process of fertilization

now let's look at the examples of true fruit and false food fruits so the examples of true fruit is mango and we have watermelon as examples are the most common examples of true fruits Aandhi examples for false fruit order most common examples of false fruits are apple and berry and one more thing that you have to understand while we are talking about truth is that roots are basically what the fleshy part that we eat right and this part is known as

pericarp and this pericarp is further divided into three zones The outermost zone representing the Africa the middle zone representing the Mizo car and the innermost zone represents the end ka right to the basic things that we have to know for solving these questions are discussed that is we have two types of fruits true fruit and false roots right through fruits are formed Holi and solely by ovary through the fertilization process and false fruit are formed without the need of ovary and they are formed with other parts of plants like the thalamus or the parent or the paradise the common

examples of per as we have discussed for using tools apple and strawberry is there as truth includes mango and watermelon so let us look at the the options in order to correct answer write the option is true fruit of mango and a represents visa so true fruit of mango ok mango is our true fruit and a represents visa so let us look at this image does this image look as the fruit of a mango we all have seen the mango and it looks a bit like this it is not at all round like this so this is not the correct answer write letters to capture the second of fruit of apple and B represents P ok so this option is not a answer why because we have just discussed that Apple is not a true fruit

it is war it is of false right so let us look at the third example false fruit of strawberry MC represents Africa ok so strawberries have false fruit but does Siri is representing a peek at Epic ap is the outermost zone right and this is showing the innermost zone so she is also not a option right now we are left the fourth option which is what it is saying that it is the false fruit of apple and b is representing the seas and this option is the correct option because here we come see that this is a false fruit of apple and we have discussed that yes Apple is a false fruit and B which is this is representing seeds write these circles present time the sun the Wi-Fi Circus at week and C are basically just seeds of the Apple

so this correct option for the correct option to this question is this is a false fruit of Apple 50 is representing the seeds thank you


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