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How does a single celled fertilized egg grow into an adult human body ?



hello students in this question we need to find out how does a single cell fertilized egg grow into a adult human body so here we see when the male and female gamete fertilized that is the single celled fertilized egg is called as I got the end product of fertilization that is zygote is a good start moving towards the fallopian tube as it moves towards the fallopian tube it undergoes division which is called as cleavage cleavage is very similar to mitosis because it is a equation division but there are some differences to so equational division resulting in the formation of number of cells that means one selfie form-22 will form 4 and info will divide to Form 8 and then 16 and then 32 so this is how the number of cells increase it moves towards the fallopian tube at the same stage it gets converted into two cell stage of 4 cell stage and then itself stage while the 8 to 16 sal
call as a moral moral of the word comes from the Mulberry because it looks like a bunch of grapes while these cells will now differentiate to form the trophoblast the trophoblast has got two layers of cells one is the inner cell mass and Outer layer is the trophoblast that this will go and get embedded in it into the endometrium lining at this stage is called as implantation after the implantation it gets divided into the stages which is called as gastrula which is a stage with is formation of three embryonic germ layers the three embryonic germ layers in a triploblastic organism will be ectoderm endoderm and the measured on ec2 room will appear first and then the endoderm and the measured on is a layer which lies in between the two days trip from the ectoderm endoderm and the Mizo dumped the cells will divide and then they will differentiate you from different organs that means the process of organogenesis will now take place during the entire gestation
which can be divided into three Prime Minister was the first Prime Minister means the stage is a stage is a prime minister the first time is to be the first to third month then the second trimester is 4th to 6th month and the third Prime Minister is 7th 8th and 9th month so in the first one to three all the organs in the form that is the process of organism is completed while in the further stages the development of the organs visiting places slowly 30 August will develop from the embryonic germ layer status the triploblastic organisms have these three germ layers from where all the organs and organ systems of adult Human body will develop this is how it developed by the process of mitosis at a later stage but initially this type of a mitosis stages called as the cleavage is a slightly different from the mitosis stage which occurs at a slightly later stage
this is how a single celled fertilized egg that is the zygote develops into a full adult human being is about this query thank you so much


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