Updated on:30/05/2023

How do storage grain losses occur?



TV Chauk about this question in this questionnaire are that how do storage grain losses occur tried so basically the grains that are stored right so that their loss basically depends on several factors right and the two important factors to the grain loss in the storage occurred due to biotic factors write due to biotic factors and due to abiotic factors of the various biotic factors that are majorly responsible for the storage grain losses are basically the insects right are basically the insects rodents right insects rodents fund Minds bacteria Chetra there are certain living organisms that actually degrades order composes or basically Makes The Grain and fit
leads to their loss write if we talk about the practice of the several abiotic factors are the inadequate moisture right or and the temperature right in the Storage Area basically leads to also leads to the storage grain losses right so basically the storage grain losses occur due to an abiotic factors right


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