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How do poriferan animals differ from coelenterate animals?



we talked about this question in this question we ask that how do poriferan animals differ from coelenterate animals right so here we simply have to differentiate between Phylum porifera right we have to differentiate between Phylum Gori tere right porifera and ceiling trater right cylinder rate so basically if we discuss for immediate Porsche write Sudheer Sathi animals right who have polls or the holes all over their body right where as excellent rates also known as nidar ians right there are also known as regions of this word is derived from the Greek word
Greek word those which basically means this thinking stinging nettle right so basically the organisms that have stinging nettle at least under this group now the second point of difference is about their habitat so basically porifera are mostly Marine write the mostly Marine right there are non motile right they are non motile and they may and they are found attached to rocks right they found attached rocks on the other hand about the cylinder rate if they discussed but their habitat so there exclusively Marine write their exclusive
Marine right they are the live in colonies write the idol 11 colonies right or we can say in groups order have a solitary life span right or they could have a solitary or independent life span right now the third point of difference is about their body level of the body design on the level of organisation so the porifera have cellular level of organisation right where as ever talked about the cylinder rate so they have the tissue they have the tissue level of organisation as we can see here because the level of organisation is higher in case of cylinder rate so we can say that there
advance write the more advanced comparative to the porifera or we can say that the peripheral a less advanced comparative 2 full address to the last point of difference that we can inculcate here are the examples write the example of Porifera or sponge ola ride more serious is in easiest example and in case of excellent rates we have Hydra right sea animal Corel Corel Draw these are the various examples of Porifera and silent letter write


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