Updated on:26/04/2023

How do plants get nutrients ?



TV Chauk about this question in this questionnaire that how to plant gets nutrients right so if we discuss how plants get nutrients so basically nutrients are nutrients are actually supplied to the plants by various means right by the air right by the water and by the soil to these are basically the three ways that the nutrients are supplied for giving or are supplied into the plant right so basically plants needed right plants needed 16 essential nutrients light 16 essential nutrients and out of the 16 essential nutrients right 13 out of the 1613 essential nutrients are supplied to the plant from the soil that
remaining three right and remaining remaining three out of 16 are supplied are obtained or a supplied from air and water so the remaining three that are supplied by air and water are basically the carbon oxygen and the hydrogen as they evidently present in the air and water rights of these three are supplied to the plants from air and water and dress 13a supplied are available from the soil that so we can say that soil is a major source rights while is a major source of the essential nutrients write that are required by the plant that it's this is how do plants get the nutrients right


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