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How do annelid animals differ from arthropods?



ever talked about this question in this question we ask that how do I delete animals differ from arthropods rights we simply have to differentiate between Annelida and Arthropoda sports right click start with the differentiation of the first point of difference between both of them will be that in annelids and Elite have true slow right they have true body cavity or they have true slow then ever talked about the earth robot so that body cavity is filled with blood right so they are so they are called him right they are called hemosil right that means death body cavity the body cavity is
filled with blood right now the next point of difference is basically the most important point of differences that their body that the body of an Elite a lateral appendages right lateral appendages are present for the locomotion write the present to serve as the purpose of locomotion and then this little appendages are present in the form of CT and para Odia right now in case of arthropods so the arthropods have jointed legs right arthropods means jointed legs so as to serve the purpose of logo
motion right now every move for the so the third point of difference is that the organ differentiation Rai organ differentiation a curse in a segmental fashion write in a segmental manner with the segments lined up one after the other from head to tail right segmental fashion but we can say that the segments are present from head to tail but in case of arthropods write these animals are also segmented right segments are present but they lack segments are present right but they lack complete metameric segmentation write the lakh complete metameric
segmentation right now moving for the ever talked about the skeleton right so the and leads to not have an Elite do not have wightianus Kaitrina skeleton right or we can say that there exist skeleton is not made up of chitin right where as arthropods han Katrina Katrina Exo skeleton right now to next point of difference that we can write here is that they breathe through body surface right they breathe through body surface and delete breathe through body
surface where as in case of a trip to the arthropods have specialised organ for breathing right so 8 report Prit either through gills right they breathe through trakia or they have book lungs right now moving for the to the next point of difference so the and leaves have closed and leaves have closed circulatory circulatory system where as in case of arthropods they has open they have open circulatory system rate Satish are the various differences that we can calculate between and leaves and


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