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Microbes In Human Welfare


How are microbes involved in p...

How are microbes involved in production of biogas?

Video Solution: How are microbes involved in production of biogas?

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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : Biogas is a mixture of gases (containing predominantly methane) produced by microbial activity and which may be used as fuel. Microbes produce different types of gaseous end - products during growth and metabolism. Certain bacteria, which grow anaerobically on cellulosic material, produce large amount of Methane along with `CO_(2)` and `H_(2)`. These bacteria are collectively called as methanogens and one such common bacterium is Methanobacterium.


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QuestionHow are microbes involved in production of biogas?
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what microbes involved in the production of biogas biogas is basically the mixture of several gases like mixture of gases like ch4 status Methane CO2 and H2 gas is used in village for the purpose of cooking and lightning and this is from the bridge product this is obtained from the you can say microbial degradation microbial degradation product best product accountant vacancy Dun hot the

vegetable contain cellulosic material material there are group of bacteria called as the mechanism Methane is commonly anaerobically convert this material into biogas canteen the gas and CO2 and H2 so this is basically used to convert this material and quickly into the bhaiya thank you