How are vascular bundles arranged in a dicot stem? What kind of vascular bundles are these?


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

In a ring. These are conjoint and open vascular bundles.


Step by step video & text solution for How are vascular bundles arranged in a dicot stem? What kind of vascular bundles are these? by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 11 exams.


hello shouldn't have a question is how are we still abundance are used in a Dicot stem and what kind of vascular bundles are pleased to be discussed in a diagram you can see hear and physical bundles are arranged in every National bundles are arranged bundles are in a ring and this is a function of the cambium similar to of function of birth to a function of 1 and behan present in
present in Dicot rules in a dicot root when the silent bundles the xylem is located in interior you can give drinks xylem Inc located Interior interior to candom rings and everyone is located exchanger and phloem is located
located to the point by mum ground tissue ending is and compared by Crown dishoom where you can see in a diagram also these are present in a ring structure these are present ring structure and here you can see call Gai my present epidermis and panic IMA and phloem and the cambium and metals and photos I remember you spit so the bundles are located in the area to cambium rings hell
in the phloem today exterior 2 question is how are vascular bundles origin Dicot stem ring structure phone to discuss here and in the next good kind of vascular bundles are these so these are open and Aaj and wedge shaped and arranged inner ring discussing thank you students

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