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Class 12






Molecular Basis Of Inheritance


Histone proteins are ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Histone proteins are

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basic , negatively charged basic , positively chargedacidic, positively chargedacidic, negatively charged.

Answer : B
Solution : (b) : In eukaryotes, DNA organisation is complex. There is a set of positively changed, basic porteins called histones. Histones are rich in the basic amino acid residues lysine and arginine. There are five types of histone proteins-`H_(1),H_(2)A,H_(2)B, H_(3) and H_(4)`. Four of them `(H_(2)A, H_(2)B, H_(3) and H_(4))` produce histone octamer called nu body or core of nucleosome . The negatively charged DNA is wrapped around the positively charged histone octamer to form nucleosome. DNA connecting two adjacent nucleosomes is called linker DNA which bears `H_(1)` histone proteins.

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Chapter NameMolecular Basis Of Inheritance
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in this question we are asked that the histone proteins are right it's basically in eukaryotes the DNA organisation is very complex that and basically there is a set of positively charged right there is a set of positively charged basic right basic proteins that basic proteins which are basically known as the histones rights in simple words histones are the positively charged basic proteins that and they so the histone they are very very rich in the basic right direction the basic amino right amino acid Residue was right amino acid Residue that is the licence or right that is the licence and the virgin Ian Wright and the merger Neene Sundara basically 5 type of histone protein

right there are basically 5 types of the histone proteins number one is dh1 number 2 is H2 a right h3h to be right H3 and H4 these are the 5 types of histone proteins to four of them that such to ah2 bh3 and the export write the last one se basically produces the histone octamer right they basically produces the histone octamer right that's basically called as 3 new body right new body or the core of nucleosome right or the core of the nucleosome so the negatively charged DNA it gets wrapped around the positively charged histone octamer so as to form the nucleosome the DNA connecting the two edges and nucleosome is called the linker DNA width

the H1 histone protein price of a look at the option your the first option is basic negatively charged wrong basic positively charged that correct this is our correct answer your touch the option to press other options are wrong because it is anyway given Acetate and we know that histones are the basic proteins that we can say that the correct answer is option to tight

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