Question : Histogen tissues are classified on the basis of

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Histogen tissues are classified on the basis of

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(a) Plane of division (b) Type of cells they form (c) Position (d) Origin

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the percentage station tissues are classified on the basis of its history and tissues their present in the tissue and classified into three divided into three distinct songs which are the first is that which was the outermost layer and third is it is the middle layer and pleural it is the fare of metro station is present issues they are commonly present in the growing tips of soaps and fruits that the after it gives rise to the epidermis and arrow

best colour ke shoes containing all of us was done by helping hands of the scientist who led to the discovery of history and tissue and classify them on the basis of types of tissue producing Three Types of them from the options we can see a plane of division type of cell paper current position of origin corrector

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QuestionHistogen tissues are classified on the basis of
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