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Class 12






Anatomy Of Flowering Plants


Heartwood is characterised by ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Heartwood is characterised by all, except

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Text Solution

Presence of tyloses Presence of tannins, resins, oils, gums etc. Its commercial importance for timber Active in water conduction

Answer : D

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Chapter NameAnatomy Of Flowering Plants
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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it is characterized by the all except the presence of dialysis process of transpiration soil from 6th it is a commercial importance for the term book your and it is active in the water conduction now if you talk about the Hartford so it is also known as she during our right and it is the one which will be found in the heart it is found in the inner structure that is why we call it as we heart it will be if the Sufi would so it will be found in the centre part now the characteristic feature of the heart is that it has the presence of the colossus it has the presence of the tyloses to this is the correct option to write it also has the presence of the circuit and turning presents oil and gowns in and because of that it is the dark in colour write it is quite

colour and it is quite have your also and it is the hardwood also having Bihar text so that hard would it is given the presence of tenants evidence oil comes and it is one of the most important commercial for people were here it is used as a chamber it is active in water connection this is the correct answer is not the characteristic feature of the headphones cause it is quite heavy and it is darker and has the presence of the Thai losses and because of this it is not involved in the water conduction here it is the feature of the sapwood which is quite soft

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