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Hay fever is a perennial aller...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Hay fever is a perennial allergy.

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Question Details till 01/07/2022

Chapter NameAllergy
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
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fever is the perineum energy question and this statement is it true statement here is a few were it is also known as he ran it like it is the allergic rhinitis which is commonly known as the Hailey Bieber and it is a group of the central affecting the nodes that when the person is having behaviour allergy the post and will always have Deewangi ost so we should not like this sentence is not having fever here it is always related with the so what happen is when the post and it develops is kind of allergy allergic rhinitis due to fever the immune system it will recognise and it will overreact would any kind of the things which is present in the environment normally things which are present here but sometimes body start developing too much of sensitivity to the hay fever it can be of two types it can be

in particular season here and the one it can be perennial that needs throughout the year the symptoms will be seen throughout the year in the seasonal symptoms will see that it occurs in the string in the summer or in the early fall here right and the allergic reactions it is usually because of the presence of the sports or any kind of a Pollen from the tree grasses and the feature an independent allergy the person with this kind of perennial allergic session will have the symptoms All Around The Year it can be caused because of the right it can be the cause of the pet hair because of the Cockroaches because of the Moon so percent will be allergic to anything which is commonly found this is a true story

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