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Class 12






Structural Organisation In Animals ( Animal Tissues )


Haversian canals are found in...

Haversian canals are found in

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Haversian canals are found in


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Matrix of mammalian boneMatrix of amphibian boneMatrix of reptilian bone All of these

Answer : A


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Haversian canals are found in
Chapter NameStructural Organisation In Animals ( Animal Tissues )
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello Vivah this question can also found in options that are given to HR metrics of mammalian bone matrix of mpbn bone matrix of bacterial bone or all of these so let us take the example of any kind of a bone so this is a bone inside the bone inside this is an inside the bone there are longitudinal Canal that are present longitudinal contains blood vessels and nerves and blood vessels and also now are

known as a version Abhishek represent in the matrix of the phone look at the individual haversian Canal so suppose this is this is an open and Canal inside the blood vessels and nerves are present around the internal sales of bones are present these are the bone cells that are presently have version channel promotion channel decency contain the blood vessels so they provide nourishment to the bone cells which are known as the osteocytes these other Osteo size of the bone is also deposited in the form of concentric rings around this version Canal to the matrix of the

bone is known as the lemon this kind of a system is only present in the bones of the members in the compact bones of the members to the correct answer of this question we have version can also found in the matrix of Dominion speaking the compact bone the compact bones of the members we have this kind for system which is known as a version can I use this version right of passage for the nerves and blood vessels

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