Question : Green cells of epidermis are

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Green cells of epidermis are

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Bulliform cells Subsidiary cells motor cells guard cells

Answer :


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the questions that green cells of epidermis are 24 options are given here as bulliform cells subsidiary self motor cells or guard cells right so epidermal cell of leaf are waxy layer it is a thick waxy layer which is made up of cuticle right which is made up of cuticle it prevent water loss it prevent water loss to this prevention of water loss is done by a pair of guard cell which are present next to the next to the subsidiary cells night Sudheesh guard cells are kidney Bean shaped cells like this in Delhi

right to be the kidney Bean shaped that and they are present in their under control opening and ending of stomata closing of stomata to the gap between the guard cell this gap is known as the stomatal pore it is known as the metal pot right now in B V Guard cells where is presence of chloroplast pigment is present of chloroplast due to which chlorophyll is present and that is why they are green in colour right to hear these questions is that green cells of epidermis are so these stomatal pores on these guard cells are present at the upper epidermis and lower epidermis of lease to that's why they are present in the and between the epidermal layer so that is why they are green in colour for this question will have the guard cell will be the correct answer

while the rest of the options are incorrect

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QuestionGreen cells of epidermis are
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