Green algae usually have a rigid cell wall made of an inner layer of ____and an outer layer of_____.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

The correct Answer is D
Cell wall of green algae is thin, transparent and firm and consists of outer pectic and inner cellulosic layers. It is smooth but in most of species it gets thickened at the anterior end to form an apical popilla.


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hello Vivah Haider green Aligarh you Sneha where is it cell wall made up of in a dash and Outer layer or it so we know that the green alga is also known Aarti chlorophyceae it is also known as the crow 5C and Prophecy because of the presence of the chlorophyll A and B are so the cell wall of this chloro 5C members is very rigid and this rigidity is because of the presence of the to this cellulose and the cellulose forms the inner layer of the cell wall and factors for outer layer of this has to be read because the story of ICC members even the entire Aqua Kingdom is found in the aquatic environment especially at present in the fresh
found in tea photo they found in the brackish water there even present in the salt water to prevent from the still getting licensed this has to be rigid and so will look into our option option one is cellulose and cellulose no option to spectral and practice for options it as a loss of RC in Essel world first in a cell wall is cellulose and Outer layer is the correct option is option force status Telugu

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