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Class 11






Photosynthesis In Higher Plants


Glucose synthesis occurs durin...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

Video Solution: Glucose synthesis occurs during which stage of C_(3) cycle?

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Answer : C
Solution : During reduction stage of `C_(3)` cycle, as series of rections lead to the formation of glucose. The steps involve utilisation of two molecules of ATP for phosphorylation and tow of NADPH for reduction per `CO_(2)` molecule fixed. The fixation of six molecules of `CO_(2)` and 6 turns of the cycle are required for the removal of one molecule of glucose from the pathway.

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Chapter NamePhotosynthesis In Higher Plants
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hello everybody let's start the question hour questions is that glucose synthesis occurs during which stage of the C3 cycle first option is carboxylation S oxygenation third is reduction and put one is the regeneration so if you are talking about our question of a question is about the C3 cycle for this is also known as a work Calvin cycle store in C3 cycle aur Calvin cycle total three stages are present first stage is the carboxylation if you are talking about office is it and it is a carboxylation 2nd stage is the production and if you're talking about our 3rd stage done it will be the generation so if you're talking about about these three stages in carboxylation generally fixation of carbon dioxide will occur with the help of the enzyme rubisco here rubisco enzyme will be utilised and this enzyme will fix the carbon dioxide with

low BP and produced phosphoglycerate then if you are talking about our 2nd Stage that is reduction here glucose will form and if you are talking about of a third stage that is the regeneration so here it involve the regeneration of are you BP that is able to write the laws 15 biphosphate this is the primary acceptor of team carbon dioxide in the C3 cycle so here if you are talking about of a question glucose synthesis will occur during the reduction of the C3 cycle so there were correct option will be third option I hope this answers your question thank you

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