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Given figure represents two fo...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Given figure represents two food chains (X and Y) linked together to form a food web. <img src="" width="80%"> Identify the types of food cahin X and Y and the organism A that interconnects these food cahins.

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`{:(X,Y,A),("Detritus food chain","Grazing food chain","Bacterium"):}``{:(X,Y,A),("Detritus food chan","Greing food chain","Detritivore"):}``{:(X,Y,A),("Grazing food chain","Detitus food chain","Detritivore"):}``{:(X,Y,A),("Grazing food chain","Detritus food chain","Grasshopper"):}`

Answer : C
Solution : N//A

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Chapter NameEcosystem
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hello everyone let's start a question request that given figure represents to food chain X and Y linked together to form of food web identify the type of coaching x and y and organism is that interconnect please Suchi to hear they have given of the figures with two food chain why they have access to identify both the types of the food chain and also after to identify the organism number dhoti kurti no Chrome these are the initial admit in the exchange is not living hope

Syndicate Kuchi Kuchi Kuchi Kuchi in which the energy at the most profitable acquired by photo with tree plant that create his own photosynthesis energy moves from the herbivores to karna was a good start from the green identify that is reading Kuchi photosynthesis Agar on living food chain is why is the detritus food chain biggest between two kurti is a type of a food chain in which the

energy of the lowest trophic level is obtained from dead and decaying matter what is known as the tractor true when we look at devices in the figure we can see that this is the first element being the dead hopefully that the organism what are different in both these are the organisms which feed on detritus health correct answer option numbers see where the exchange is grazing food chain savayatan is detritus Food Chain and organism a is b i t board option number C is the right aunty Number 308

thank you

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