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Circulatory System


Given below the simplified pa...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Given below the simplified pathway of the circulatory system of man: <img src="" width="80%"> Mention one structural difference between blood vessels numbered 4 and 5

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Chapter NameCirculatory System
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello today's offer question is given below the simplified pathway of the circulatory system of man and their asking about mention one structural difference between blood vessels number 4 and 5 ok so your phone number is our renal artery ok this is our renal artery ok no the first one is our renal vein ok let me right here there renal win ok now there are asking about the structural difference ok so this is suppose your renal win ok and this is our regional renal artery ok to the structural difference is this actually the queen is very thin OK it is very thank and it contains very few elastic fibre ok so did you very few elastic fibre it is less elastic ok this is less

elastic whereas if we see the renal artery in the structural form in structured a very thick wall ok we can write thin wall or thick wall it is thick wall fine now they have more elastic fibre more elastic fibres fine hence they have more elasticity oral cancer there are more elastic so this is a major difference between Oracle and the structural difference between the renal mean and renal artery so this is a renal vein and is a renal artery I hope this clears out thank you

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