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Circulatory System


Given below is a diagram of th...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Given below is a diagram of the external features of the heart: <img src="" width="80%"> What happens if the coronary artery gets an internal clot?

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Chapter NameCirculatory System
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
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today's question is given below is a diagram of the external feature of the heart of their asking what happen if the coronary artery gets an internal plot ok this is your coronary artery ok and what is the function of this coronary artery ok coronary artery artery of heart and this artery carries the oxygenated blood ok it carries the oxygenated blood ok and this blood is reaches to our heart muscles of heart muscle asking about fbs Aarti artery get internal clot ok suppose let me draw an artery ok suppose this is your arta re arta re arta Ri get up clot under Slot is actually called as a leak is called as

this is called as lake fine now suppose a blood was flowing before when there was no no there will be an obstruction to the blood and the blood cannot read this site you do this condition occur which is called as our heart attack heart attack heart attack is when when this coronary artery is got an internal clock which is called as a play ok to the conditioner I can say that is given to the heart is called as Heart Attack so answer will be heartattack I hope this clear out thank you

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