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Given an account of adaptations of animals in response to temperature.


Text Solution

(i) Temperature is one of the major abiotic factors of environment, which decide the survival of an animal in a particular environment.
(ii) The survival of an organism in an environment depends on their adaptation to temperature. Eurytherms are organisms, which can survive a wide range of temperature.
Eg : Cat, dog, tiger and human.
(iii) Eurythermy is an aspect of thermo regulation in animals. Cold erythermy is adaptation of animals for the survival of the species during ice ages. The ability of animals to survive in a wide range of temperature increases a species ability to inhabit other areas - an advantage for natural selection.
(iv) Stenotherms are animals which can tolerate a narrow range of temperature.
Eg : Fish, frog, lizards and snakes.
The adaptation include :
(i) In the case of exterme temperatures, organisms have adapted by forming heat resistant spores, cysts. Eg : Entamoeba
(ii) They form antifreeze protein to withstand severe cold. Eg : Arctic fishes.
(iii) They hibernation (Winter sleep and aestivation (Summer sleep).
(iv) In certain conditions, migration is an appropriate adaptation to overcome extreme temperatures.


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