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Give three examples of the range of variations that you see in life- forms around you.



we talked about this question on the question there are that give three examples of range of variation that you see in life forms around you have to give three examples that what type of variations that we see in our surroundings in life forms so we can enlist number of variations but very simple ones that we can discuss here the first fall is the size right size of different organism varies rate like a bit from bacteria to giant trees right from bacteria to giant reason we talk about as bacteria are very very small and the size in iron micro units right where as giant trees are even 10 to 15 right
OBC variation in size among the organism also we see variation VC valuation in colour write in text skin write in texture of skin right shape of the organism at 17 these are the various other characteristics are the features in which we see variation among the organisms right then third such a feature that we see in that very C variation as mode of nutrition in organisms write mode of nutrition also varies which could be like which could be autotrophic right which could be autotrophic as in plants right and it could be
heterotrophic write it could be heated traffic as an animal's right so further under hi to traffic we can have different for the different types of different types of obtaining the nutrition right so the animals could be so the animals could be saprotrophic right could be saprotrophic Dab parasitic right or they could be holozoic they could have holozoic mode of nutrition so based on that variation and animals for there is see these are the various examples where we see the range of variation among the various life forms right


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