Give the summary of chemical events involved in the process of muscle contraction.

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Various biochemical events take place during muscle contraction. These are as follows:
i) A muscle fibre is stimulated by nerve impulse. A stimulation takes place at the neuromuscular junction. Acetylcholine is used as a neurotransmitter.
ii) Acetylcholine depolarizes sarcolemma. Enzyme acetylcholinestrase deactivates the acetylcholine.
iii)T tubules and Z-line spreads the action potential throughout the muscle fibre.
iv) Electrical depolarisation causes the release of Ca++ from the sarcoplasmic reticulum, Ca++ released from the lumen of sarcoplasmic reticulum to the cytoplasm of the muscle fibre.
Sarcoplasmic reticulum Acetylcholine−−−−−− Release of Ca++ into cytoplasm of muscle fibre.
v) Now myosin attaches itself with actin. It produces actinomyosin. This reaction takes place in the presence of ATP and Ca++.
Actin + MyosinATP−−−−Ca++Actinomyosin.
vi) Energy requirement of muscle contraction
Energy for the muscle contraction is derived from two main sources, ATP and Creatinine phosphate. Firstly, ATP hydrolyses to give ADP, inorganic phosphate and energy in the presence of enzyme myosin ATP-ase.
ATP+H2OMyosin ATP -ase−−−−−−−−ADP+Pi+Energy
Creatinine phosphate donates its high energy and phosphate to ADP. It produces ATP and creatine. By this process ATP is resynthesised in the muscles.
Phosphocreatinine + ADPContracting−−−−−−−−MusclesATP + Creatinine.
ATP joins with the myosin heads and changing it to high energy state.
vii) Muscles are rich in glycogen
During anaerobic respiration glycogen breaks down to produce the lactic acid and energy. This energy is used to generate ATP molecule.
Glycogen Glycolysis−−−−Lactic Acid+Energy.
Lactic acid accumulates in the muscle cell and diffuses out into the blood. Small portion of lactic acid re-enters into relaxing muscle and changes back into glycogen.
4/5 Lactic acid + waterATPglycogen in liver cells.
1/5 of lactic acid is oxidised to CO2 and H2O. Energy is released in this process.
1/5 Lactic acid + O2CO2+H2O+ Energy.
Creatinine phosphate is regenerated in a relaxing muscles by using ATP produced during carbohydrate oxidation,
Creatinine + ATP Relaxing−−−−−−MusclePhosphocreatinine +ADP.
All these reactions are carried out by specific enzymes.

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