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Class 12






Human Health And Disease


Give the scientific names of t...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Give the scientific names of the organisms causing the following disease: Leprosy

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Text Solution

Solution : Mycobacterium leprae

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Chapter NameHuman Health And Disease
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
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hello the question statement escape the scientific name of the organism causing the following disease disease it is characterized by what happens on the disease in infection is caused by a slow growing bacteria slow growing bacteria what is called the causative agent is

mycobacterium leprae tedium lamprey what this microbacterium is capable of in case of sensors disease that it can affect the nerves in eyes and lining of the reason that affects now in Eyes lining of mucosa is possible that

it can cause of the disease is characterized characterized lekin usually that that may be that may be provided that is lighter than the skin around it is lighter than the surrounding skin itching skin further it cause growths on the skin that is the nodules on skin cause nodules on this skin becomes 60 find a dry

Preston sometime ulcers can also be called from the soul of the penis on walls of it as well as on the face of a yellow painless swelling of gums Andhra is on is yellow then it may cause the loss of eyebrow loss of

sometime damage to the damages in that would be the symptoms of nerve damage symptoms would be number number of the of affected area of getting it can cause muscle weakness for paralysis weakness paralysis of hands and feet father in law and now that is around the elbow

Pani inside search now they're going to get affected and sometime I problem also that problem that so leading to blindness in the case if we shall these are the symptoms of the disease which is also known as Hansen disease and the process Micromax question thank you

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