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Give the phenotype of the F_2 ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Give the phenotype of the F_2 generation.

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Step by step video solution for [object Object] by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 10 exams.

Question Details till 01/07/2022

Chapter NameGenetics
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
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hello today's question is give the phenotype of the F2 generation ok this question they are asking about the phenotype so first of all the what is the meaning of you actually phenotype mean the physical appearance of an organism it is the physical experience physical appearance organism ok so what does this leaves and what is a ratio in the active generation let's suppose this is your apni plant which is long it will be capital and capital P it is crossed with small tea and small define now what will happen first of all the gametogenesis fine after the gametogenesis the chemical fuse and that can meetville fuse and forms the

organism fine so this is your call plant this is your call plant and this is your dwarf plant vacancy at shortland plant fine now it will be capital Capital TV produces a capital T and capital T the possibility is one but they produce the cam etc not this will also produce Malti and small tea nakami this capital T a fuse with carrots Malti it will form a capital T and a small tea organism fine if this capital T confused with small tea and it may form capital and small tea ok now this capital T U this capital T Mein crossfit capital the and com small tea and form capital to small tea and this capital T Cross with Malti and again it may form capital T

small tea ok it is in this generation to generation is your rental generation ok I am writing in short form gen now this will be your F1 generation this is your first period generation of emergency every serial first generation this is your F1 generation know what we have to do to check this equation ration we have to do selfing of the F1 generation if these F1 generation is self suppose capital to small tea is crossed with capital to small tea fine now they will again produce this will produce a camera that will be capital T K and morty this will introduce the camera that will be capital T and next one will be the same that will be small fine now what will happen they will again use and they will

against use let me change slide OK what they will do they will again fuse Rebel against use this capital T fuses with capital T table form capital T capital T ok book capital team a fuse with small team and they will form capital and small tea with small team accused capital T and again from capital and small tea ok so last Mani small tea confused with small tea ok this small team is used with small teeth enable form Maltese Malti organism ok no every see the phenotypic physical appearance call ok tall and the one which is it is a dog plant this is your know if we talk about the phenotypic ratio

3 ratio it will be he is 21 divided C21 activity as we know this is what this history is tall plants ok and will represent your dwarf plant ok so this was about the correct that is a physical plant organism it may be human it may be bacteria of this content about the phenotype I hope this clear YouTube

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