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Give one difference between pl...

Give one difference between plant cytokinesis and animal cytokinesis.

Video Solution: Give one difference between plant cytokinesis and animal cytokinesis.

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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : Plant cytokinesis takes place by cell plate formation growing cenrifugally while animal cytokinesis occurs by cleavage advancing centripetally.


Step by step video solution for Give one difference between plant cytokinesis and animal cytokinesis. by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 11 exams.

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QuestionGive one difference between plant cytokinesis and animal cytokinesis.
Chapter NameSample Question Paper 2
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hello 12 question here is give one difference between plant site orphanages and animal cytokinesis so costly what is cytokinesis cytokinins is the distribution of cytoplasm in the daughter cells should be considered the structure of plant cell cytokinesis and Animal cell cytokinesis 213 will discuss about it transfer that organises to in this we can see that the cleavage for oil pump near in the place of the metaphase plate near the metaphase plate used to be here and cleavage were also used so whenever this cleavage photo is defence defence town and it divides into the two daughter cells we can see here to the Charles divided now

Excel cell formation is occur the cell plate formation is occur we can see that there is a some vesicles and b is derived from the Golgi apparatus and these bicycle come to the centre and fuse themselves they refused and move to the middle of former cell plate and this my brain of the cell plate fused with this cell membrane potential here this is this is this cell membrane and out of it this cell wall is present it was dark portion in cell was so this vesicle to cell plate used with the cell membrane and then the parental cell wall and prompted to daughter cells that is bounded by their cell wall and cell membrane to hear the major difference between the

Plant and Animal cell wall is that in plant cell there is a self-employed formation where as here the previous photo is this is one of the major structure in plants and trees bol formation of our shelf wall formation and wall found here there as in this structure there is no cell wall is fast apart from this there are other differences that this is a centrifugal which means yours the moment occur from the centre to body Periphery whereas this is the CM

Central metal gear Green Movement occur toward the centre so these are some major differences between the plant cytokinesis and animal cytokinesis