Give appropriate biological / technical terms for the following:
A circular bone found in knee cap.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Step by step video & text solution for Give appropriate biological / technical terms for the following: A circular bone found in knee cap. by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 9 exams.


hello students are the question question is give appropriate bicycle or technical terms for the following that is a circular bone found in the naked Tu Hi we will see a bar that to the circular motion that found in knee cap it is called as a Pata Chala which is located in the front of the located located in front of the in front of the nature front of major it is also called as a knee cap is also called as a naked katela is called as the naked it it it is present where the femur and the TBM
it is present at the location is present at location where FEMA FEMA which is the strongest and the largest and the TV and other bones present in the leg and it is present at that join that is the agent is present at the end of the end of the femur and underside of the patella these are covered with the smooth substances that is called as a articular cartilage articular cartilage these are being filled by the articular cartilage which is the substance whose this substance that it allows the gliding of the bond it allows the back of the bone is the light of the moon is about the battle in the question we have has name a circular bone that found in the kneecap that
bone it is present at the location where femur and Tibia means and the at the place of their joint their substance articular cartilage is present which is the which is a mucilaginous substance is smooth substances which allowed the glittering of the bone very easy to get it thank you

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