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Give a graphic representation ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Give a graphic representation of the C_3 cycle.



Step by step video solution for [object Object] by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 12 exams.

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Chapter NameBiology-2016
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hello students that start with equation the question States give a graphic representation of C3 cycle recycle which is known as cycle Calvin cycle and this was introduced by the scientist American biochemist doctor Melvin Calvin that is why it is called as Calvin cycle and this happened in 1957 Calvin cycle is the process that plants that is used to turn carbon dioxide

from in song into sugar this is happened for the food autotrophs that need to go Earth so that is for energy other organisms including herbivores please also depend indirectly because they depend on the plants for their food Swift basically has few steps that are mean steps included in the cycle the first step is the carbon

taxation what is carbon fixation the second step includes the reduction face reduction in the third one is the carbohydrate formation Babu formation and the fourth one is the regeneration sale starting with explaining the steps what happens in the carbon fixation for the carbonyl injection is the most crucial step of this site this involves the of carbon dioxide that is in the form of

action jio BP this one is the carbon emission is categorised by finally they lead to the formation of two molecules of phosphoglycerate GTA now PGA is formed when come the reduction phase introduction page the fpga takes place this is a takes place to the series of reaction leading to the formation of glucose nagamese are the reactions which happen to form what is

blue hair in the state two molecules of ATP and two molecules of nadph2 utilised to form the nation then comes the first one is the regeneration says now this is important how it actually supplies ATP and any DTH the sufficient amount of rubp as mentioned here in the figure so for this the regular supply of ATP and ADP is used the degeneration of rubp is a complex step basically so the regeneration step requires one molecule of ATP

that is for Phosphorus relation the carbon dioxide every carbon dioxide molecule that enters the Calvin cycle three molecules of ATP in to use of on 18th are required at impact so this was my answer I hope I also the same to you thank you


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