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Class 12






Morphology Of Floweringplants


Germination of seed within fru...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Germination of seed within fruit is

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Ovipary Vivipary Hypogeal Epigeal

Answer : B

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Chapter NameMorphology Of Floweringplants
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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Assamese germination of seed within fruit is which of these options and options are over Peri Peri hypogeal and APJ the first office in here is oviparous or viviparous is here the seed germinate and grows after detaching from its parent to in case of over precede the seed germinates the seed germinates Germany after after detaching detaching from its parent parent and example of the oviparous seat will be the mango the mango seeds next one here is preparing to vivipary is the seed in Germany

and grows from its own resources while still attached to the parent to in case of the seed germination while still actors still attached to the parent to the parent and example of receipt will be the mangroves the mangroves and here is high position so I put condition as it is described as showing hypogeal germination when the coated onto the seat leaves of the germinating seed remain on photosynthesis and inside the seed sale and blue ground so simply in case of hypogeal germination the seed leaves the seed leaves are the total done they remain

they remain below the ground below the ground and the grasses the grasses they should Hai Pujan emergence that protect the growing point from damaged by grazing and it when is a pigeon so in case of epithelial Germany epigeal germination the seed germinate above the ground so here the seed leaves they remain remain above the ground and example of a PG seats will be the papaya papaya from the given options the equation save the germination of seed within fruit so I put an ap is incorrect here because this is about the seed leaves are the cotyledons are above the ground or below the ground to this

next next one is oviparous and viviparous and oviparous it says that the seed germinate after detaching from parent so this will be incorrect here and we will seed seed germinates while still attached to Parent which means the seed germinate weed in fruit so this will be our answer here the river Re

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