Germination of pollen grain on the stigma is


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hello students in this question we need to know at the germination of pollen grain on the stigma is which type of process so here we see that when the pollination takes place that is the Pollen Grain now lands on the stigma then there occurs a chemical dialogue that in certain Chemicals are released by the Pollen Grain as well as the stigma which now decides whether the pouring rain will be accepted or it will be rejected so in this case if the Pollen Grain is accepted the pollen tube germination takes place that is now the pollen tube is going to opt out of one of the jump force to add the pollen tube form here it enters to the tissues of the stigma and then the style then it reaches the ovary and followed by this it reaches the micropylar end of the
from where it enters into the embryo sac so this is the process of the pathway of this Pollen tube once it is formed this process since it takes place in the female body this process is called as in Vivo so the germination which takes place is taking place in Vivo that is it is taking place in the female flower that is in the female sex organ that is the carpal while we see the other options in which remains that in the lab condition which is not the right answer while in situ here means on the site which is also not the right answer because it development does not take place on the side the Pollen Grain is transferred to the stigma and then it takes place so this is also the wrong option while autogamy is the word which is related to the pollination of flower the bisexual flower that
the flowers having both male and female sex organs of self fertilization of this flower is the type of pollination which is named as auto game but you will see that are right option is option number to that is germination of the Pollen tube takes place in Vivo this becomes the right option for this question this is all for this query thank you

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